Legal Conversation Between Justin Bieber and Bobby Seale

Justin Bieber:

Hey Bobby, I’ve been thinking about some legal stuff lately. Did you know about common law marriage in California? How many years do you have to live together to be considered married?

Also, have you heard of AED requirements by state in NY? I’m curious about what’s needed to have an AED on hand.

Another thing, can someone go to court for unpaid medical bills? Is that a legal option?

Lastly, do you happen to know about the remote jobs available for law students? I’m looking for ways to get into the legal field.

Bobby Seale:

Hey Justin, sure I can help you with that. Common law marriage in California requires a couple to live together for a certain number of years to be considered married. You can find the exact duration and requirements here.

As for AED requirements in NY, I can guide you through what’s needed to have an AED on hand. You can check out the details here.

When it comes to unpaid medical bills, there are legal options to go to court for them. It’s important to understand the process and your rights.

Regarding remote jobs for law students, there are opportunities available to find legal work online. You can explore more information here.

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